Aldertree Garden

Specializing in Native Plants for the Washington DC Area


Aldertree Garden offers native plant design, installation, and maintenance to homes and businesses in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Some types of gardens we design include:

Rain Garden

Rain gardens are shallow depressions planted with attractive natives designed to capture and soak up stormwater.

Children’s Garden

A former elementary school teacher, I design child-friendly gardens based upon years of observing the way children really play.  And it’s beautiful and practical for adults as well.

Butterfly Garden

Butterflies bring moving color and life to your garden. We’ll include larval host plants as well as flowers for nectar.

Bird-Friendly Garden

Move beyond bird feeders to attract a greater variety of birds to your garden.  Provide food for nestlings as well as adults.

Modern Garden

Restrained plant palette of native and exotic plants form clear, crisp lines to complement modern architecture and contemporary architecture. Elegant, yet simple to care for.

Xeriscape Garden

Drought-tolerant native plants for dry parts of your garden.  Using regionally native plants, it will not look like a desert.

Woodland Garden

Shade is an asset, not a liability.  Add understory trees, shrubs, perennials, and ferns beneath your mature trees to create a calm, cool retreat.

Meadow Garden

Native flowers and grasses invite pollinators into your sunny garden.  It’s not about sprinkling a can of seeds and hoping for the best.

Pet-Friendly Garden

Understanding your pet’s habits, we can choose and place plants so both humans and canines will be happy.  Avoid using pesticides by planting natives.

Conservation Landscaping

Also called BayScaping, RainScaping, or RiverSmart, it reduces pesticide and fertilizer use that impacts our waterways and increases wildlife habitat.

Slope Garden

Move beyond a sea of groundcover or difficult-to-mow lawn.  Plants that have good root systems to hold the soil and a variety of textures make the slope a highlight.

Lawn Alternatives

Most people have more lawn than they actually use.  Reduce emissions, noise pollution, fertilizer, and pesticides by removing some of your lawn and replacing with native plants.

Deer Resistant

There is no such thing as a deer-proof garden.  However, we can select native trees, shrubs, and perennials that deer are less likely to eat.

Privacy Plantings

No “fast-growing” monsters or irresponsible invasives.  Creative, diverse, and beautiful for the long term.

Beautiful gardens for people and other living things.

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